Auction in the USA: Ferrari 400i stretch limousine

This Ferrari 400i stretch limo was auctioned in the USA. Compared to the last change of ownership in November 2021, the price has more than doubled.

The new owner was obviously not very happy with his new car. We're talking about this Ferrari 400i as a stretch limousine. It was not until November 2021 that the white Ferrari went over the table at an auction in Glenview, Illinois. The buyer only had to pay 20,000 US dollars (17,960 euros) for the Italian. But just three months later, the 400i was up for sale again at an auction. This time in Scottsdale, Arizona. On January 30, the hammer fell again for the curious Ferrari at the Barrett-Jackson auction house. The auction result should please the ex-Ferrari owner. With a retail price of 52,800 dollars (just under 47,000 euros), he was able to more than double his stake.

Converted Ferrari 400i

Admittedly, the Ferrari 400i will probably not go down in automotive history as the most beautiful vehicle built by the Italians. The body comes from the legendary design studio Pininfarina. The auctioned Ferrari is not prettier because of the special conversion. The coupé became a stretch limousine. Originally, the Ferrari 400i was 4.80 meters long. As a stretch limo, the Italian probably only fits into very few garages.

V12 engine in the Ferrari

A V12 engine with a displacement of 4.8 liters hums under the hood. Downsizing was a foreign word during the production period of the 400i in the early 1980s. The stretched Italian is said to produce 340 hp. Slightly more than the 310 hp of the production model. Ferrari built the 400i from 1976 to 1985, and from 1985 the car was renamed the 412. Four people can be accommodated in the classic 400i. Of a total of 1,305 examples, Ferrari produced 883 with automatic transmissions and 422 with five-speed manual transmissions. The converted stretch limo also has the automatic transmission, but offers space for up to six people.

Only 24,140 kilometers run

A look at the Ferrari's odometer reading is surprising: the limousine has only run 15,000 miles (about 24,140 kilometers). That's not much for a car from 1981. Despite the low mileage, the 400i struggled with the rust problems that were common for the time. But these should be completely eliminated. The restorers stripped the Ferrari down to the bare metal, painted it and then reassembled the 400i. Thus, the body should not cause any problems in the coming decades. The stretch limousine recently received a full inspection. There the mechanics replaced all the fluids, the battery, the oil and the spark plugs. The brakes and tires also received a service. The rims and wheels of the 400i take some getting used to. At first glance it is clear: something is wrong here. At the request of a previous owner, the Ferrari got different tires and rims. Does that make him prettier? Oh well.

TV screens and fridge in the 400i

The highlight of the stretch limousine is of course the rear area. Screens can be folded out from the headliner. There is also a refrigerator. A cold drink or two with the corresponding TV program should lift the spirits in the Ferrari. Light strips sit above the cup holders. They should provide a pleasant ambient light.


Ferraris designed by Pininfarina bring back memories. Many car fans start dreaming with iconic models such as the Daytona or Testarossa. The Ferrari 400i does not necessarily belong to this category. Even less than stretch limo. Nevertheless, the latter now achieved an auction result of 52,800 dollars. In November 2021, it changed hands for just $20,000.


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