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All topics and cars since 1984: Motor Klassik complete table of contents

Motor Klassik
All oldtimers and youngtimers in the magazine since 1984
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A our magazine Motor Klassik is meanwhile Quasi become an “oldtimer” ourselves, if you take the magical 30-year limit as a basis. Instead of screwing on an H-license plate, we then rather actively dealt with the cars of the last decades. In 1984 the first issue appeared and since then Of course, many vehicles are printed in sales advice, tests, driving reports, reports and travel stories. Which one exactly? You can download the complete table of contents for Motor Klassik free of charge. And not only that: We have also created a PDF for you, in which we have sorted all content according to brand and model.

From sedans to sports cars

Hardy Mutschler
Whether a test track or a country road - there is hardly a place which we haven't been with a classic since 1984.

In our stories, we have carefully examined every segment. Small cars, coupes, convertibles, limousines - up to sports cars and real exotic cars. History cannot be told any better than with a living object. If you want to buy a classic car, you usually don't just buy a classic automobile. He's buying a piece of automotive history. A story that began with the Benz Patent Motor Car Number 1 from 1886 and has left numerous traces since then. Regardless of whether the manufacturer has Porsche, Mercedes, Ford or Renault in the vehicle registration document, they all have one thing in common: They have come a long journey over the years. Starting as a new car, through the status of the youngtimer, to the oldtimer and classic - theThe English call it a noble vintage car. And we can still take part in this journey today. It doesn't really matter whether the word 'oldtimer' gives you commercial or emotional thoughts. Because regardless of whether you are looking for an investment or a relaxed balance during a leisurely journey - we are sure to have the right story up our sleeve.

Here you can download the complete table of contents free of charge - if required also by brand and model sorted - and download the 2017 annual table of contents. As a bonus, there are also the magazine covers in the picture gallery.


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