Alfa 155 V6: Edgy Italian with six-cylinder charm

Alfa 155 V6 in the driving report
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D he wedge-shaped body of the Alfa 75 successor was not really spectacular, but at least striking, offered plenty of space on the front seats and a generous trunk. With the latter, the women could only score points when it came to stowing away larger purchases. For a successful appearance in front of the disco, that counted just as little as the headlight cleaning system available for an extra charge.

The Alfa 155 V6 was a car that did not rest in the parking lot, but in motion in the village -Highway elicited at least one excited look at every disco queen - especially when the engine changed from a harsh growl in the lower speed range to a loud roar when accelerating and the euphoric driver explained with shining eyes: 'Vausechs.'

Alfa 155 V6 with 165 PS

In fact, the spirited and acoustically unrestrained V-six-cylinder with 2.5 liter displacement is the heart of this Alfa, its soul, so to speak. The 165 hp unit acts more like in a sports car than in a four-door family sedan, and if you accept that, you will also find the tight chassis set-up to be appropriate.

Then you can get over the fact that the Alfa 155 V6 front-wheel drive and the floor pan even has to share with Fiat Tipo and Tempra as well as the Lancia Dedra. In addition, the girls weren't interested in that anyway.

Six-cylinder from 2,500 euros

Models with mileage between 150,000 and 200,000 start at 2,000 euros. Ordinary copies can also rise above the 5,000 euro limit. In principle, a detailed examination is advisable. The disco girls don't want to be content with rusty Italians.


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