Abandoned Ferraris in Texas: Field of Faded Auto Dreams

Abandoned Ferraris in Texas
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The initial reflex when looking at these pictures is probably with most car enthusiasts the same: “How can you !?” Namely, cars of this quality, highly decorated sports cars from Ferrari, rot in such a way? That's blasphemy, at least a sacrilege! Whoever is responsible for something like that should be ... But wait a minute. Sometimes the story behind the obvious isn't what it seems at first. In this case it is quite tragic, as our colleagues from O nline motor magazine Silodrome found out.

Paul Cox /Silodrome
From the Mondial to the Testarossa: The Ferrari cemetery comprised a large part of the range on offer in the 80s and 90s.

From the warehouse to the car junkyard in the countryside

The collection was built up, and it had been rotting for several years , from what appears to be a fairly successful lawyer. At some point he owned 13 Ferraris from the eighties and nineties: various Mondials, a 400i, a 308 Quattrovalvole, a 456, at least two 328s and three 348s and, as a highlight, a Testarossa. But then, in 2011 and 2012, the lawyer fell seriously ill. He had to undergo intensive medical treatment. Only after the Texan had made sure that his cars were safely stored in a warehouse, of course.

However, the Ferrari collector's health deteriorated, and at some point some payments for the warehouse were not made. Quite heartless people seem to be responsible there, because in the end the decision was made to get the cars out of the hall and park them in the field where they wereuntil recently. And that although the payments have since been made again. A fatal decision regarding the condition of the Ferraris.

Four cars have disappeared in the meantime

The lawyer died in the meantime, his family inherited the cars. It took a long time until everything legal was finally clarified and the bereaved got access to the now rather overgrown sports cars. But the next shock came with the inventory: During the research, 13 proof of ownership or invoices were found for Ferraris and two for Rolls-Royce models. But ultimately there were only eleven Ferraris and not a single Rolls-Royce on the field. So four cars have disappeared, their whereabouts are completely unclear.

But even tragic stories sometimes take a happy turn. This is at least the case for the remaining cars. When the attorney's family turned to Paul Cox, the cars suddenly had a perspective. Cox is a well-known and respected man within the American Ferrari scene and organizes a large Ferrari festival in Houston every year. He let his contacts play and apparently found new owners for all cars for which proof of ownership exists. It looks as if they are currently doing everything in their power to ensure that the Ferraris are soon ready to drive again and can indulge their true purpose.


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