964 Restomod by DP Motorsport

DP Motorsport has a lot of experience with 964 conversions. Now the Rhinelanders have put a light B├╝rzel racer on the wheels.

Retro conversions of older 911s have been springing up like mushrooms lately. Only a few companies dealt with Porsche tuning during the lifetime of the 964 and Co. However, DP Motorsport does. The Rhinelanders developed racing cars based on the 911 together with the Kremer brothers back in the 1970s. In 1979 they even managed to win a Le Mans with Klaus Ludwig. A 964 restomod from the small town of Overath-Immekeppel therefore has a very special status. Especially because he wears a rump on the stern.

Lots of lightweight components and 320 hp

First things first: weight reduction was the focus of the work. And so the team around Patrick Zimmermann used many handcrafted body parts made of a carbon-Kevlar mixture. Tear-resistant, durable and dimensionally stable, this material is known from professional racing car construction. In the 964 RSR shown here, fenders, doors, side walls, hoods and roof skin were built from it. The side windows, on the other hand, are made of green-tinted Plexiglas. In the end, the curb weight of the 964 (without fuel) drops to 1050 kilograms.

For the chassis, the mechanics from DP rely on the Clubsport thread variant with Uniball dome bearings from KW. And because the 15-inch Fuchs rims have classic Michelin tires (TB5) in the dimensions 225/50 R 15 at the front and 285/40 R 15 at the rear, the stone gray RSR can even officially take part in motorsport events. And of course the engine did not remain in the series condition. Thanks to the increase in displacement from 3.6 to 3.8 liters, fan headers and a special stainless steel exhaust system, the output increases from 250 hp to 320 hp and the torque to 380 Newton meters.


With this 964 Classic RSR in stone grey, DP Motorsport wants to show what is possible after 50 years of experience in Porsche tuning. Lightweight body, increased performance and chassis conversion make this restomod a suitable racing car. 911 fans can also have traditional Porsches built to their liking in Overath-Immekeppel.


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