8. Sachsen Classic: Great fun with fly-eating

Kai Klauder
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' I'm fine, very well, the constant change between driving and special stages keeps you awake - there's always something going on to do.' The cabaret artist and car fan took his daughter Giulia with him, who has already developed a clear taste in cars: 'I like Mini, especially the old Cooper S.'

Mini designer eats flies and dust

Gert Hildebrand will be happy to hear that. The head of mini design drives with Bernd Ostmann in a minimalist Porsche 550-1500 RS Spyder Carrera Panamericana. 'We were completely exposed to the weather, from chest height we sat directly in the wind - we ate flies and dust but had endless fun,' said Hildebrand happily at the finish at the Transparent Factory in Dresden. 'After the bad weather in the last few days, the top weather of the last three days surprised us. The rally management selected the most beautiful routes in Saxony and Bernd drove like my favorite racing driver Edgar Barth in the Schauinsland race when I was young. Simply great . '

Hildebrand recently did a seven-day rally through the USA with the new Mini Cubman. 'At MTTS -' Mini Takes The States '- I drove from San Francisco via Los Angeles, Phoenix, then via Route 66 to Salt Lake City and Winter Park to Denver.' Car fan Hildebrand takes many impressions with him on such occasions for his work. 'To see so many beautifully drawn cars is an inspiration. And our Porsche 550 Spyder in particular fits perfectly, after all, our Mini Roadster is coming soon too.'

Bernd Ostmann knows about the Porsche , Editor-in-chief auto motor und sport: 'This is the first Porsche with the famous Fuhrmann engine with four camshafts controlled by vertical shafts that Klaus Bischoff, head of the Porsche Museum, made available to us. With our car, Hans Herrmann a class win and third place overall at the Carrera Panamericana. '

The Spyder and the other sports car legends from Zuffenhausen are among the most popular cars at the Sachsen Classic. Of course, Matthias Müller , Porsche CEO from October 1, 2010, is happy to see that: 'Here you experience so much enthusiasm and motivation from everyone involved that you just have to support it Reactions to the Porsche 356, the epitome of the first sports car, seesyou know that this myth has to be continued. 'Müller is on the road with an open Wanderer W23 from 1938.

Thomas Frank , Head of Audi Tradition, is particularly pleased about a rain-free Fichtelberg 'Driving the ascent to Fichtelberg free of rain was a great experience. And again it was the case that the beautiful route was lined with thousands of people, even on Friday.' Frank started on the Wanderer W25 Cabriolet from 1931 freshly restored makes its debut in the rally. 'We are driving with starting number 1, which is an honor for us and, in the year of Wanderer's 125th birthday, a nod to the history of the brand. And especially here in Saxony, many people know hiking -History and can tell a few anecdotes. ”“ The character of the Sachsen Classic, the leisurely car hike in connection with a sporty claim in the special stages, is fun, plus the beautiful area with the villages driving through which you always think: 'I have to go there again' and the large number of pre-war vehicles - the Sachsen Classic is really a rally for everyone, 'enthuses Thomas Frank.

Carl Hahn - the ex-VW -Chef is a car enthusiast close to the people

The former CEO of the VW Group Carl Hahn has not missed the Sachsen Classic for years: 'That was again three days of sun in your heart, sun on the streets and sun on the faces of the spectators and participants. The most automobile enthusiasts in Germany who uphold their tradition live here in Saxony. And with the Sachsen Classic we can show the world the beauty of Saxony. 'That is what he says and delves into a conversation with an assembly line worker from the VW engine plant in Chemnitz. Hahn is really a man of the people.

Ede Geyer pays a lot of learning money

He is a football coaching legend: Eduard Geyer , the last coach of the GDR national team and long-time coach of Dynamo Dresden. Now he was with one for the first time There was a classic car rally and had to learn a lot. 'I've learned a lot in the last few days, especially reading maps. Driving the Sachsen Classic for eight hours in the car borders on competitive sport. But the beautiful landscape and the enthusiastic people make you forget the hardships quickly. And it's so much fun that I would do it again and again. '

Two Volkswagen representatives are impressed by the enthusiasm of the population: Ulrich Hackenberg , VW Board Member for Development:' The population is incredibly involved here, a great message for the automotive industry. ' Eberhard Kittler , Head of VW Classic, is also a Saxony fan:' I got to know new sides of the beautiful state of Saxony again. You always wish to come back soon, and so do I personally. Greatthe selection of vehicles was successful again, there was something for everyone. My personal heroes are the drivers of the Laurin & Klement, who drove all of Saxony in this heat on such a rustic goat. '

Birgit Priemer , deputy editor-in-chief auto motor und sport : 'Great weather and fantastic roads, with hardly any traffic jams - we were able to enjoy the Sachsen Classic from the first to the last minute.' Ellen Lohr , on the other hand, was unlucky on the last stage, with a clutch failure on her 1989er Subaru Legacy RS retired after the first special stage. 'We weren't that bad at all. We had done a few things every day, but then we were once on the 11th and once on the 18th place. Now I really feel like doing more classic rallies, it's a lot of fun. '


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