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5 good reasons for the VW Phaeton: Why you have to buy a Phaeton now

Ingolf Pompe
5 good reasons for the VW Phaeton
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Reason # 1: The character of the VW Phaeton

E r looks like a tragic hero, the most expensive VW of all time. According to analyst Max Warburton, after more than a billion euros in development costs, the company had to subsidize each individual Phaeton with up to 28,000 euros. Its qualities are undisputed, its design remains elegantly reserved, but the Phaeton does not go down well. Unlike in the Far East, where the prestige VW sells properly, in Europe people don't really know what to think of it and interpret it as a giant Passat that is far too expensive.

But its material quality, workmanship and equipment, uncompromising implementation of the highest standards, set it apart. In the upper class, the Phaeton is the choice of the connoisseur who appreciates individuality, functionality and discreet style, even in the details.

Reason # 2: The VW Phaeton offers a lot for the low prices

A new VW Phaeton costs from 70,000 euros, but can easily be configured to double. Used vehicles are available from 5,000 euros. Vehicles with the large engines tend to be cheaper compared to the six-cylinder TDI. Because of the complex technology, skepticism is indicated when it comes to cheap copies. Our Foto-Phaeton, a V6 TDI of the first series, should cost 16,689 euros with only 77,000 km on the clock.

Reason # 3: Full power and power - up to 450 PS and 750 Nm

The top-of-the-line model VW Phaeton 750 Nm ten-cylinder diesel expired in 2006 as a badge victim (DPF can now be retrofitted). The W12 (5,998 cm, 420/450 hp) disappeared in 2011. Top petrol engine since then: the 4.2-liter V8 with 335 hp. At the bottom it is supplemented by the 55 hp weaker 3.6-liter FSI, which replaced the 3.2-liter in 2008. Rather than this, the diesel V6 with at least 225 hp and good torque is recommended.

Reason # 4: Outstanding comfort of the longest-serving upper-class model

The VW Phaeton offers - if technically in order - a special driving experience as well as an outstanding comfort and safety experience: a merit of all-wheel drive and air suspension. In contrast, the active driving and dynamic talents of the Phaeton are less pronounced. Its weight can be seen in both a positive and a negative way: It tells of the solidity, the massive construction of the Gläserne ManufakturDresden largely handcrafted final assembled limousine. Compared to the competition, however, it also brings a certain slowness in the handling of the top-class model, which is now the longest-serving upper class model. So far, so-called major product updates have taken place in 2007, 2008 and 2010.

Reason # 5: Availability - you can find a good VW Phaeton always

Pretty good for all models. Most frequently represented: V6 TDI, short wheelbase, many lease returns processed in Dresden. Short VW Phaeton are far more common than the variant with the twelve centimeter longer wheelbase. Rare: 3.2-liter V6 with front-wheel drive and manual six-speed gearbox.

You should definitely pay attention to this when buying

The VW Phaeton is cheap, not too entertaining. Cars in the lower price segment were often neglected: maintenance backlog, unprofessional service. Four-wheel drive, automatic, air suspension and electronics can cause trouble. BB Automobiltechnik (02 71/30 32 30) offers a particle filter for around 2,000 euros that lifts the V10 TDI over the fine dust barrier.

For a VW Phaeton in state 2, Classic Analytics should pay around 14,900 Calculate euros. Everyday models with less than 150,000 km on the clock are available from around 5,000 euros.


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