31 year old Yugo for sale in new condition (2019)

31 year old Yugo for sale in new condition
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' Nobody needs more cars 'was one of the slogans for models by Yugo - a small car from the then Yugoslav and later Serbian manufacturer Zastava. Above all, it was cheap - even very cheap in the USA: $ 3,990 was due for a Yugo 102 GS in the late 1980s, which initially made it interesting for customers. The motto in the USA: 'Everybody Needs A Yugo Sometimes' (Everyone needs a Yugo sometimes). At the time, the Yugo quality was considered to be the best that Yugo had ever built - but it was still not good. The Americans bought 140,000 Yugos - today these cars have almost completely disappeared from the streets. Now an American from Gaithersburg, Maryland is selling a Yugo 102 GS from 1988 - and the small car is said to be in new condition.

The seller advertises his Yugo on the American advertising website Craigslist. There he explains that the car is a kind of time machine - if you didn't buy a Yugo in the 1980s, you could do it now. 468 miles (753 kilometers) are on the clock. The father of the current seller bought the Yugo 102 GS in 1988 because he found it special - no wonder in a country where even an Audi A4 can be found in small car parking lots. Why he drove it only briefly is not known.

Not brand new, but still in very good condition: The engine compartment of the Yugo 102 GV.

Not a dewy look

Since then, the Yugo has been in a garage. The battery was removed the whole time and the seats were protected by protective covers. The seller points out that a lot of work is still necessary to get the Yugo ready to drive again. And indeed: it doesn't look brand new in the sales photos. On top of that there is a second Yugo as a cannibalized car. The price is interesting: $ 9,000 (currently the equivalent of 8,038Euros) the seller would like to have - more than double the original price. His reasoning: This is a unique offer, such a vehicle is no longer available.

For a 31 year old cheap small car, the interior is in top condition.

Inferiority as a defining feature

The Yugo is somehow a cult object in the USA, but only because it had the reputation of being a small, cheap and poor quality car. In 2010, the Auto Collection in Las Vegas offered a 1987 Yugo GV Sport with 2,939 kilometers on the clock - for 10,500 euros. Despite the fact that the Yugo is sometimes considered to be one of the worst cars of all time in the USA and there are jokes there about Serbian engineering in this context, it is now apparently achieving high increases in value.

It was with the car manufacturer Zastava in the wake of Yugoslavian war steeply downhill - on April 9, 1999, NATO air strikes turned the production facilities in Kragujevac, Serbia, to rubble and ashes. After the factory was rebuilt, business with the now technically obsolete Yugo stopped moving - the last model left the factory in 2008.


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