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1978 Ford Fiesta with 227 km auctioned for a good 16,600 euros

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Ford Fiesta with 227 km auctioned
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D as London' The Science Museum 'bought in 1980 a nearly new Ford Fiesta and showed it in an exhibition for 27 years. The mechanical odometer in the speedometer is now between 140.8 and 140.9 miles. That's 227 kilometers. On the left the speedometer, on the right two clocks for the tank content and cooling water temperature, in between four indicator lights and the shift pattern for four gears: the cockpit is minimalist.

The Fiesta almost had been dismantled

The museum has the small car shown in an exhibition together with aids for the elderly. The Fiesta was used to show how elderly people can be helped in and out of the car. The car stayed in the exhibition until 2015. When the floor on which it was exhibited had to close for renovation, there was no more room for the Fiesta. Because new elevators with narrower doors had now been installed, it should actually have been dismantled. However, one employee found a solution and saved the Ford: He constructed a device with which the car could be rotated 90 degrees - so it would fit in the elevator. The Fiesta reached the ground floor without the engine or interior - saving weight.

Auctioned significantly above estimate

On April 19, 2018, the little Ford passed the MOT, the British general inspection. A gentleman named Richard Jordan bought it for £ 11,550. Now the Fiesta was auctioned on February 2, 2019 during an online auction. The estimate was set at £ 6,500 to £ 8,500, the equivalent of EUR 7,455 to 9,750. The 41-year-old new car was ultimately auctioned for 14,625 pounds, i.e. a good 16,600 euros.


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