1967 Toyota Shelby 2000 GT: Perfection under the hammer

Gooding & Company is auctioning a rare gem on Amelia Island. This Toyota Shelby 2000 GT is one of three examples and it gets even better.

There are days when you have the feeling that each cog of fate meshes with the next. Everything is just right – the hair dryer wave is right, no wrinkles in the jacket and the coffee is drinking temperature right away. Yes, these days are rare, but nothing compared to the rarity of that Toyota 2000 GT being sold through auction house Gooding & Company . It is one of only three that Caroll Shelby converted into a racing car for the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). The cars only competed there for one season in category C, production cars.,

That's a number

You think this circumstance alone justifies a bid worth millions? True, but as promised in the opening credits, it gets even better. The car bears the chassis number MF10-10001, meaning that this is indeed the first ever serialized 2000 GT. The estimate of 2.75 to 3 million dollars (2.4 to 2.62 million euros) already reveals how dizzyingly this will affect the proceeds. Already  completely conventional road models scratch at seven-digit amounts or just cross the border - just as a point of reference, if you prefer to look for "bargains" now.,

The racing trim here includes magnesium wheels, a steel cage and a massive increase in performance to 250 hp. In the standard condition, the two-liter in-line six-cylinder only has 150 hp. The rare beauty was even allowed to use her power regularly, because the motorsport oldie is a welcome guest at historic racing events, such as in Monterey or Goodwood. It is to be hoped that the future owner will let the Toyota Shelby 2000 GT breathe fresh air instead of locking it in a golden cage. So if you happen to be awash with cash, watch the liquidity wave sweep it to Florida in early March,


Whenever you think you've seen all the automotive rarities at auctions, a new hammer comes around the corner. This Toyota 2000 GT is not only rare as a Shelby version, but also unique with the first serial number.


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