1955 Porsche 356 Speedster from Santa Clarita

Porsche Santa Clarita grabbed a 356 and made the cult sports car pretty.

You can think what you want of the Beetles pressed into a Porsche dress. But the 356 Speedster that Porsche Santa Clarita took on in sunny California is a real masterpiece of automotive art. The sports car from 1955, which was refurbished as part of the Porsche Restoration Challenge, has only had two owners in the last half century. His last one converted him for racing. ,

The Speedster with its Reutter bodywork now has new side skirts and reflectors. The elegant slatted boot lid and the bumpers that sparkle with chrome are the icing on the cake, so to speak. An improved, air-cooled 1600SC boxer engine with 95 hp is used for the drive. A 519 transaxle directs its power to the rear wheels.

Blue, red, gold

The color selection of the Porsche 356 Speedster catches the eye the most. Gleaming in the sun in a blue-green six-layer paint finish, the classic car rides on gold-painted Magnesium Halibrand rims. They measure 15 inches at the front and 16 inches at the back. The interior features OEM bucket seats with red leather and tartan inserts. Porsche Santa Clarita adopted the dials to keep the vintage look.,


The Porsche models of the 356 series do not cause a storm of enthusiasm with every car fan. But this blue Speedster with its golden rims and the red interior is really successful. Thanks go directly to Porsche Santa Clarita, who probably gave themselves the greatest gift with this restored classic car.


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