1947 Crosley Roundside pickup

This tiny pick-up was built by a refrigerator and radio manufacturer in the USA in 1947. Now the little truck is for sale.

In the USA, the land of pick-up trucks and road cruisers, the radio and refrigerator manufacturer Croslesy came up with the idea of ​​building small and cheap cars about 80 years ago. From 1939 to 1952, tiny cars rolled off the assembly line in Cincinnati, Ohio, and they were available in a variety of body styles.

None of them have an engine with more than one liter displacement. Most have a wheelbase of 2.03 meters. The limousines, station wagons, convertibles and pick-ups weigh between 500 and 640 kilograms. There is even a small sports car and a jeep. Remarkable: all four tiny wheels decelerate disc brakes.

Estimate: around 15,000 euros

With its chrome trim and two-tone paintwork, the 1947-built roundside pick-up that RM Sotheby's is auctioning off in Auburn, Indiana is reminiscent of a post-war US road cruiser. It's one of 3,182 from the model year, according to the auction house. Its one-liter four-cylinder is combined with a manual three-speed gearbox and the payload is 250 kilograms. The restored Winz pickup comes from a private collection and is expected to cost $16,000 to $20,000 (€13,480 to €16,850).


On the one hand, the Crosley, with its two-tone paint finish and heavily chromed front end, looks like a US car that has been washed way too hot. A US pickup, if you will, without the usual parking worries. And the purchases are simply thrown onto the loading area.


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