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10 youngtimers and oldtimers for beginners - up to 5,000 euros

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Triumph Herald - from around 4,900 euros *

In principle, the T riumph Herald 1200 is currently the most inexpensive full-value classic convertible. Its body, drawn by Giovanni Michelotti, with its bold mini tail fins, offers space for two adults and two children. The 1.2-liter four-cylinder delivers enough power to the rear swing axle with transverse leaf spring via a four-speed manual transmission, so that even longer mountain tours can be mastered without any problems.

But the best thing about the compact, only 3.9 meters Long British: Under the cute body is a separate box frame chassis, to which most of the body parts are screwed. This makes maintenance and repairs much easier. In addition, the front car, which can be completely tilted forwards, guarantees a prominent appearance at the petrol station.

Unfortunately, in our country, where efficient VW Beetles and Mercedes T-models are considered lovable classics, the Herald quite an exotic. Completely different in Great Britain. Just google “Triumph Herald for sale” and then finally visit the island again.

  • Triumph Herald, 1959 to 1971, 39 HP, 142 km /h

Opel Ascona B - from approx. 4500 euros

Probably the cheapest way, every day The Opel Ascona B offers the opportunity to drive like champion Walter Röhrl in the past. At least in one of the basic versions of the production model, it is now possible for less than 5000 euros to follow in the footsteps of the 1982 world rally champion from almost the same perspective. The four-cylinder engines with displacements of 1.2 to two liters then produce between 60 and 110 hp.

Even with 90 PS, the Opel Ascona B was considered a BMW scare at the time, which did not have to fear the new 318 either. Thanks to the rear-wheel drive via a rigid, coil-sprung rear axle, it is even possible to take a proper drift. The sporty SR versions also offer the appropriate contemporary rally look.

  • Opel Ascona B: 1975 to 1981, 90 hp, 165 km /h

AutobianchiA112 - from around 3,500 euros

Italy's belated answer to the Austin Mini was the Autobianchi A112. The brand belonged to Fiat and produced well-equipped, powerful compact cars. The basic version of the 3.25 meter short micro-car already received a 903 ccm four-cylinder with up to 48 hp. And so that things move quickly in the 700-kilo flea: a tachometer.

The Abarth sports version of the Autobianchi A112 introduced in 1971 is legendary with initially 58 and later even 70 hp, the good copies of which now cost well over 10,000 euros. But the basic version - marketed as the Lancia A112 from 1981 - is still affordable. And surely some of the 1,245,381 pieces produced must have survived somewhere in Italy?

  • Autobianchi A112: 1969 to 1986, 44 hp, 140 km /h

Renault 16 - from approx. 4,900 euros

When the new Renault 16 appeared in the middle class in 1965, the notchback, rigid-axle rear-wheel drive cars from Fiat, Ford and Opel all of a sudden became scrapped. The R16, which was voted “Car of the Year” in 1966, represented a completely new, modern generation of cars with front-wheel drive, independent suspension and a practical tailgate.

Its striking, straight-lined design and its convincing everyday qualities make it a popular classic. The two top versions Renault 16 TS and TX with 83 and 93 hp respectively, in good condition, already clearly exceed the 5,000 euro mark. But the cheaper basic versions with the rectangular belt speedometer and the softly padded seats are also convincing.

  • Renault 16 - 1965 to 1980, 67 hp, 145 km /h

Toyota MR 2 - from approx. 3,900 euros

They just disappeared without a successor - the little sports cars with mid-engine. They were called Fiat X 1/9, Toyota MR 2 or Pontiac Fiero, of which only very few strayed to Europe anyway. They all fell victim to the 'Hot Hatches', the much more practical compact front-wheel drive cars with high horsepower, which could also be on the highway at at least 200 km /h. It was just no longer fun to squeeze into an expensive two-seater and let yourself be humiliated by a fully occupied Golf or Escort.

We value the few mid-engine survivors from this era, in which the Bravest of the brave were on the move. The Toyota MR 2, introduced in 1985, is one of them and, with its 124 HP - from 1986 only 115 HP - was able to defend the left lane to some extent. But he had no need for such actions with his removable Targa roof, which invites you to stroll openly along country roads and boulevards. The “Midship Runabout Two-seater” - that's what the abbreviation MR 2 stands for - is appealing because of its lively styleand its angular design typical of the time with the inevitable pop-up headlights. Clearly a classic with a future, because there are hardly any decent specimens left.

  • Toyota MR 2 - 1985 to 1988, 124 hp, 197 km /h

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