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10 Youngtimer Coupés from 300 €: Inexpensive sandwiches to take away

10 youngtimer coupés from 300 euros
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VW Corrado: 1988 to 1995, 115 to 190 hp, from 1,500 euros

Better than the Scirocco II definitely looks like it, the Corrado. But it was probably not more popular: VW sold almost 300,000 times the Scirocco of the second series, but not 100,000 wanted the Corrado afterwards. Technically, it is based on Golf II and III or Passat B3 /4 and should originally be called Taifun. There is the C orrado unfortunately only with front-wheel drive, not as an all-wheel drive. The G60 of the first five model years is ideally suited to make big cheeks - but it is a tricky comrade who wants attention, otherwise the loader will break down, especially if its performance is tickled.

Hyundai Coupé: 1996 to 2009, 107 to 167 HP, from 300 euros

There are signs of wear in the advertisement for the cheapest on mobile.de. And what happens when you look at the pattern of your seat covers after consuming psychoactive substances is beyond imagination. Seen soberly, the fabric decor looks forbidden hideous. Some say the same about the entire Hyundai Coupe. The fact that the prices start at 300 euros can therefore be understood as a pity tariff. But how does the Korean coupé get on, in the picture the second series (1999 to 2002)? Dared? Wanted? For free. Front-wheel drive, switches and automatic, even the weakest is almost 200 things fast.

Mercedes CLK: 1998 to 2003, 136 to 347 hp , from 1,500 euros

There is no moaning at this point. Although some bad terms come to mind about this Mercedes model. You can rant about the four-eyed face, lament about the shrink grille, turn away from this exaggerated parabolic line of the rear side windows and shake your head at the harshness with which the trunk lid of the first version cuts through the rear lights. Where the CLK based on the C-Class is otherwise such a soft guy. It lacks corners and edges. But not in terms of quality. A few whims of the electronics and, if neglected, the typical rust every now and then, these are the greatest weaknesses that the CLK can afford. His greatest strength? Notthe interior decor, not even the clunky gearbox, but the engines. Sensible: the four-cylinder in the CK 230 compressor with 193 hp.

Ford Probe: 1988 to 1997, 115 to 163 hp, from 500 Euro

The name is a joke. The car too, many would like to add spontaneously. You are wrong. First of all, the sample is not ugly, it just takes longer to please with its roof protruding backwards. Second, it's not bad - not even though, but because some of its tech comes from Mazda. Produced in the USA, both sample generations were originally not intended for the local market, but were converted accordingly around 10,000 times for sale in Germany. This sometimes makes finding spare parts difficult. Helpful here: Like-minded people - to be found at: www.ford-probe-driver.de

Opel Calibra: 1989 to 1997, 115 to 204 hp, from 500 euros

The answer to all important and unimportant questions about the Calibra reads: Turbo 4x4. The top model with 280 Nm and six-speed gearbox goes to 100 in under seven seconds, runs 245 km /h and, which often happens, can be further pimped with more boost pressure. So the Calibra is no longer the ridiculed joke bowl that it is with the small engine. Although the basic four-cylinder C20NE is one of the most robust and undemanding drives of this type. If you don't want bread and butter, but bang, you have to invest at least 3,000 euros for the all-wheel turbo - and check the offers carefully.

Nissan Sunny Coupé: 1996 to 1991, 71 to 125 hp, from 500 euros

Misunderstood, forgotten, damn cheap: The Nissan Sunny Coupé (B12) came on the market in 1986 and led a shadowy existence. The Japanese 2 + 2-seater can definitely convince. For example, with its galvanized body panels, which keep rust levels within limits. In addition, the robust high-volume technology shows its reliable side. The space is good, the trunk is large, the tailgate is huge, and the handling is good. Recommended engines are the 90 and 110 hp four-cylinder. Good Nissan Sunny Coupés are rare, moderate ones are available from around 500 euros.

Toyota Paseo (EL54), 1996 to 1999, 90 HP, from around 1,000 euros

Another underestimated Japanese: The Toyota Paseo came onto the market in Germany in 1991 as a coupé and convertible version. The standard engine is a 90 hp 1.5 liter, with its beefy characteristicscan convince less with sportiness than with smoothness and torque. In addition, the standard equipment already includes everything you need: electric windows and exterior mirrors, central locking, immobilizer, power steering, airbags for driver and front passenger, ABS - and a removable sunroof. Many did not come to Europe, even less to Germany. Prices start at around 1,000 euros.

Renault Mégane Coach

The Renault Mégane is significantly cheaper Coach who was actually offered as a sports coupé. That is nonsense, of course, the seats are sporty at best - and only with a lot of indulgence. The compact coupe does not need such exaggerations. Because the two-door can convince with its durable four-cylinder. From around 500 euros you can get drivable copies with a few months of MOT.

Volvo 480 ES, 1986 to 1995, 95 to 122 hp, from 1,000 euros

A Swede from the Netherlands: The Volvo 480 IT should actually continue the success of the Snow White coffin. The Volvo P1800 ES went down in automotive history as a style icon. But the Swedes had too much change in mind with the 480. The first Volvo with front-wheel drive, the chassis developed with the help of Lotus, engines refined from a cooperation with Renault and Porsche - and then finally assembled far away from home in the Netherlands - that was simply too much. The sleek Volvo quickly drew attention to itself with quality problems. Today the Volvo 480 ES is available from around 1,000 euros.

Coupé Fiat, 1994 to 2000, 131 to 220 hp, from 800 Euro

A real Chris Bangle design: The Coupé Fiat - yes, it was sold under this twisted name - was the last automobile that Bangle designed for Fiat before joining BMW. The coupé with numerous beads and edges was built by Pininfarina. The Fiat Coupé held a record in 1996, when the new top model 2.0 20V Turbo appeared: The 220 hp five-cylinder ensured that the Fiat Coupé was the fastest production car with front-wheel drive. 250 km /h were specified. The 4- and 5-cylinder vacuum cleaners with 131 to 154 hp, which ensure decent driving performance, are recommended. Prices start at around 1,000 euros.


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